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Friday - October 31, 1997

Maureen was out again. She left with a splitting headache yesterday and I can only assume that it didn't get any better overnight. Today was a little different then the other times in one way, though: they didn't get a substitute. Apparently Craig couldn't get any non-booked substitute to come in on such short notice. He asked me if I wanted to just have all my classes sent to the study hall but this was just a formality. I've been teaching the classes by myself for weeks now; Maureen being gone will not affect the classes at all.
    I gave a Lois-mandated quiz in Algebra II. I haven't graded it yet so I'm not certain how the class did on it. From a few glances, though, it looks like they did fine. We'll see. The quiz took the entire hour (as I expected).
    The chapter test is on Monday in Geometry, so I used today as a review day. In both hours, there were groups of people that diligently reviewed the material and asked questions on the stuff they did not know. There were also groups of people that just didn't care. One guess which of the two types will bomb the test on Monday.
    Algebra I was boring, as usual. I lectured on solving inequalities using addition and subtraction in 4th hour. Since it is so similar to solving equations (which most of the class has mastered), they didn't have any problems with it. 5th hour is still on word problems. I gave them a homework quiz on homework they did for Thursday. In theory, if they didn't know how to do any of those problems, they should have asked by now. Of course, half the class was still clueless. Big surprise, there.

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