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Monday - October 6, 1997

Today was another slow day. In Algebra II, I had them split up into groups to work on their inequality word problems. I've noticed (and one student even mentioned) that I often assume that the students know quite a bit when I'm explaining how word problems work. Having other students explain the problem to them, though, seems to work fairly well. I'm going to explore integrating more co-operative learning in this class. We'll see how it goes.
    There is a chapter test in Algebra I tomorrow, so I had both classes work on a worksheet I made up as well as the chapter review in the book. Both classes worked studiously away on both projects. 5th hour even had a number of questions! Maybe they are actually improving. We'll see on the test! I've briefly considered doing a co-operative learning situation in Algebra I, also... but I only need think of 5th hour to squash that idea! Given the chance to talk, 5th hour would probably riot. That's too bad, since I think quite a few kids in both classes could benefit from it.

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